Massimo Fatato


I am an experienced executive with a traceable record of successful direct and indirect sales, combined with a comprehensive technical, sales and management background in the telecom/IT industry. I feature a blend of entrepreneurial spirit with excellent academic record and strong interpersonal skills.

value proposition

The ICT industry is transforming yet again: going upside down! Virtualization is now a reality for the Telecom Service providers and its implications are a big unknown.

Technology companies need professionals who understand the long term implication of such a revolution and can translate a cogent vision into an executable strategy.

Whether as a General Manager or VP Sales, I am one of these people who can truly understand ICT operational requirements and leverage companies capabilities and assets to turn the NFV-SDN transformation into a successful reality. 

the academics

I hold a telecommunication degree from the University of Rome (1989), a specialization in telecommunications from the Polytechnic of New York (1992) and a MBA (1998) from Henley Management College.

the early years

I started my career working for Telecom Italia and BNR (UK) as a Systems Engineer. In 1995 I joined Nortel (UK) as Network Design Senior Manager where I learn how to secure, lead and delivere multi-million turnaround projects. 

the management and consultancy stages

Exposure to direct customer contact allowed me to make a transition into sales management where I gradually moved to cover the position of Account Director, BT, for Southern Europe.

In 1998 I joined Cisco as Business Development Senior Manager, responsible for Network Service Providers for EMEA for the IP+Optical product portfolio. At the peak of this activity the optical market started its recession and I decided to join Accenture as Director, EMEA, for the Communication and High Tech market unit. As a Senior Consultant, I helped leading operators in launching innovative wireless services across Europe and performing business and technology transformation. 

the start-up period

Having tasted the flavour of start-up hype during my time at Accenture, I founded Simphonia, a company specialised to provide management support and advice to new companies setting up their presence in the European markets and technology scouting for leading ICT companies.

In this role I worked for Gemtek Systems (now Browan), wireless manufacturer, as CEO of the European arm. During my tenure, the wireless company enjoyed a ten fold revenues growth year on year while reaching profitability. More recently, I supported Xeround Systems, telecom realtime database company as VP sales Europe and Contextream as a technical advisor.

back to the corporation and to the open source

After another stint at Accenture as Sales Director, I joined Hewlett Packard (2010) to lead sales for the Telecom industry in EMEA, then World Wide. I went on to lead the OSS business for HP until I joined Red Hat to oversee their Telecom business in EMEA.